Beneath every history, another history.

Tex Saverio Haute Couture 2012
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The End of The Song (1902). Edmund Leighton (English, 1853–1922). Oil on canvas.
A young woman, evidently a princess, listens to amorous overtures from a good-looking and equally youthful harpist; he has no doubt just been singing a song on the same theme, while she has been busy with her embroidery. Up the steps on the right walks a crowned figure, presumably a king and the girl’s father. He strokes his beard quizzically as he contemplates the young couple, who, wrapped in their own thoughts, are unaware of his approach.
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I was always desired. But now I am valued. And that is a different thing, I find. Anne Boleyn, Wolf Hall (via cequiestecrit)

Tilda Swinton as Lena in CARAVAGGIO, a film by Derek Jarman

“Medea”, 1868, William Wetmore Story. [Boston MFA]